PURE Paris, who takes her “pure” beauty as inspiration, explores the woman in love and the woman be loved behind her. It is inspired by women of the Art Deco period of the 1920s to carry this woman’s pure and stylish stance in their products. The soft touches of silk and satin tenders, the chic details of elegant lace appeal to the aesthetic, all for women with unique style.

Carefully selected fabrics, kindly crafted designs, and gently worked seams form the essence of PURE Paris, to make every day “special and unforgettable” for women who have the courage to be unique and who push the boundaries…


From the most romantic shades of the color palette, to the soft touch of satin and silk, with the elegance of timeless French lace, the pure sophisticated image; PURE Paris completes modern woman’s aesthetic and elegant look. The Swarovski crystal heart in a silver-holed, within each product transforms these simple and stylish designs into a unique one; the woman who is in love and falls in love with her sparkle.

PURE Paris’s collection of silk, satin and lace matching offers a unique romance, reflecting “Love”, inviting you to memories that will not be forgotten…

Contact us: info@shoppureparis.com

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